I’ll be there for you never.

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I was there every time you needed me, whenever you needed no matter the hour. I picked you up when you fell really hard because you got kicked when you down and turned on by people even when you did nothing wrong.but now I am the one could use someone to lean on you desert me and you know I never ask anyone for help I go about everything by myself. You even say all the time come to you. even when I tried to speak to you you told me to leave you alone and let you sleep because you were too tired to deal with me you say I was annoying you.Then I tried the next day and again you say to stop bothering you because you didn’t feel well. Then you said when I didn’t bother you again with it that I never talk to you anymore. I tried and you didn’t care so I cried myself to sleep that night and dealing with all my emotions chose to bottle everything from now on don’t let anyone in. Did you forget we are family?And that’s what a good family member does. We’re supposed to hold each other up?.Sometimes we inconvenience each other in this world yes it’s true and sometimes we have to lay burden on each other that’s life and it’s not always fair or they’d call it something else. I know you’ve got a life too but all I want is to know you care for me. but the way you have made me feel lately like I’m not worth your time makes me want to run far away from you and never let you break my heart again. So from now on I’ll talk to you when absolutely necessary and won’t burden you. I’ll be fine I’ll handle everything on my own now. I’ll alway wish you well as we are still family but won’t talk if you don’t care I don’t either anymore but don’t come crying to me and saying you don’t get why I’m shutting down. Yes you do so it’s because I don’t trust you anymore not to keep hurting me. How many times can I pretend I’m not hurt and let you break me down.