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I'll stop

I will stop myself from getting distracted and using masturbation as an escape . I will not let stress and my emotions override my joys . I will work hard for myself and for people I love , even if they give me hard time and don't understand me . I will become that young good girl again who was the pride of her class but not the loner again . I will dance, sing , draw and I will become more confident. I will not let some people's scoldings change myself for bad .

I love me and I will do whatever is best for me .

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Re: I'll stop

Don't masturbate as an escape, masturbate for pleasure. That is a completely normal thing, yeah can be embarrassing when shone in the light, but show me someone who says that they don't masturbate, and I will show you a liar.

To say that you're not a 'Good Girl' because you masturbate is just absolute BS. Smells like religion BS to me, Actually. You can either fight against your humanity for the sake of a vaporous belief; or be comfortable with your humanity, and realize that other people are just trying to control your thoughts and emotions.

Feeling guilty about masturbation is just silly.