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Illegal stuff

Alright, so very recently... Maybe a few minutes ago, actually. That's how recent.

Anyway, I was hanging out with my friend, and they thought of a funny or... Something along the lines of idea. He said "Oh hey, let's go to the site Rule34 for fun. See if they have some characters in there. We can cringe over it." My self, not knowing what horrors awaited, agreed.

I know, I know... Probably sounds ridiculous like this is just a joke rant, but I'm dead serious about this. Just hear me out.

There's a 14 year old that I like (not in a romantic way. That is absolutely revolting.) Her name is Kanna Kizuchi. Whoever is reading this most likely doesn't know her, but she's great. Y'know... Like a child. She's a child.

So I go off and dare myself to see if they had anything. Guess what-- I full heartedly believed that I wouldn't find Jack shit.


I found some.

Two pictures. There were two. The same ones, actually. They were the same except one was edited for the disgusting fucking pedophiles that belong in Hell.

Here me out.

I actually got pissed off. I usually understand people drawing fucking porn of characters that are... Of legal ages, maybe? Hm... THAT'S ILLEGAL. CLEARLY AN ADULT DREW IT. WHAT THE FUCK. UGH!

Here's the thing. I like Kanna because she reminds me of my friend, who's well... Younger than me, but she recently passed away.

Just like Kanna can in the game she's from.

They acted similar, too.

I... I even found some comments on the pictures. Most were just people getting mad, of course... But there were these two that, well... I remember them exactly as they were typed.

"I just wanna pin her down and rape her"

"She should be showing off her little pussy"

I nearly puked. I thought of the possibilities involving the people who killed my friend. The only person who really trusted me and... I even doubt that. She was my closest friend, despite her being younger than me. She was like a younger sister... I was like her older asshole of a brother, too.

That's all I've got for now... Might be back to post here again, honestly. There's a lot I need to talk about that I never get the chance to, but then again, I don't want to trouble anyone. If you really wanted to, you can go search it to see what I fucking mean. I am disgusted in the human race. If I hadn't said anything, I might have let myself actually fall off a building.

... I'm good now though. Glad this site exsists. Hopefully I'm using it properly, haha.