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im 14yr old still sleeping with parents

my dad is a principal my mom is a house wif we always fight im always crying all of my neighbors known us as a fighting and shouting family we live in a city full of houses i have friends in school but because im so shy quite have pimples they only talk to me when they need me but they don't share any of Thier stories when some of my cm are talking i know that it is because when they talk to me i only respond nothing and the convo is so boring with me. I have an asthma so it is so hard for me to be with my friends because im not allowed to go anywhere except school. their are times that im telling my mom that i want this that or just anything they only respond we cant afford it or u dont need it. i really need having braces because my teeth is like a bunny teeth every time i talk its popping out and it is shining thats the reason im so shy i cannot talk properly. im crying i cant type anymoree

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Re: im 14yr old still sleeping with parents

Hey! I’m the same age as u and I completely get you. Find yourself! I know it’s really hard but don’t focus on things you can’t change straight away maybe things such as your clothing and hairstyles could boost your confidence and find the real good friends out there, branch out maybe try talk to people you never talk to, be yourself embrace your flaws. Those friends of yours sound fake and u can do so much better! Maybe proove to ur mum how responsible u are and how you can go places. As someone who struggles with similar things to u I hope you know how amazing and beautiful you are and to always stay strong. Good luck 😊

hiii im the one who post this and it is sleeping with my parents

thanks for for ur letter its my first time here and i love ur advice. but i still didn't finish my story. Im a jehovas witnesses we dint celebrate birthdays christmas so its hard for me to find friends that will accept me even if i dont greet them happy b-day im so sad that i was birn thus way i really didn't celebrate any of my birthdays it is just an ordinary day for my family no gifts no greetings its so sad im always crying because of that all of my family forgot my birthday😥 its because we really dont care about it and even me i dont know what my mom or dads birthday u i dont know if im supposed to be happy or not but ive been living in this life my whole life.