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I'm a chronic failure at life

Where do I even begin?

I can't seem to keep a job for longer than a coowuple of years. I'm in a sexless marriage married to a frigid woman who belittles and demoralizes me constantly. My children love me, for now, but my wife'is constantly planting the seed in their minds that I am a loser.

Truth be told, for years I have contemplated suicide, but the fact of the matter is that I'm way too much of a coward to act on my feelings.

I constantly dream of running away and starting a new life somewhere where nobody knows me, like Alaska or Idaho, and to go it alone. Some nights I actually organize everything in my mind so that I really could leave if I wanted to, but then I always chiken out.

I just really believe that my life would be much better if I weren't in it.

Thanks for prociding me a place where I can say all of this. The ironic thing is that everyone who knows me would have no idea that I feel this way. I think I hide my pain well, at least for now. Who knows how much longer I can keep up the charade.

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We are glad this space can help you vent it out. This is the reason we have created Vigyaa.io

Marriage is tough. And it is not always easy to talk to your partner about how they make you feel. Have you tried marriage counselling? It seems your problem is with your wife's dominating nature.

Try this. Next time she is demeaning to you, you just look at her straight in eyes and smile (at least for 5-10 seconds). Repeat that every time in response to her behaviour. Let us know if that works :)