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I'm a failure.

I am thinking of committing suicide.

I can say that once I was really good - smart student, member of several organizations, productive employee. But they are all not me now. I lost my mojo. I miss my old self.

I should have been promoted twice but both times they were halted because of my fucked up decisions in life. I don't think I have made a single good decision in my life. I always made the wrong moves. I can no longer endure this. I am always afraid of failure but my life is is becoming one.

I know it's not good thing to check on your classmates' lives but they are all living their dreams now. What's worse is I am supposedly smarter than them. I try to convince myself that my time will come but I am losing all the positivity to continue believing.

I just stumbled on this site because I am looking for a place where I can write all of these. Of course, I am not gonna use my social media accounts. I am not good in talking or sharing my feelings to other people. I keep these all to myself. The negatives keep piling up. I feel alone.

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5 months ago

Re: I'm a failure.

I can totally relate you. I am also going through the same phase I used to be school and college topper, smartest in class also got good job but due to certain circumstances I had to quit that job and currently I am not getting anything. I am getting rejection mails from everywhere. All my classmates and friends are doing well it is only me who is stuck in this situation. I also hate my life but please understand failure is part of life. After our failures only we will get success.

please try and accept the situation. It is just bad time not a bad life. Please focus on positive aspect of life too and accept failure. Keep patience good things take time

It's he who's alive that gat a story to tell..

Since you've proven to be a once smart and productive person,why don't you work towards achieving that again dear.

And this time around,before you make certain decisions,try and share it with a trusted person to weigh their opinions with yours....... This way,the risk of making wrong decisions will be reduced

Wishing you the best