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i'm a failure

i have this assignment due in two days and i'm no where near close to finishing it. between my slight depression and worsening attention problems, i just don't think i'm gonna finish it. i wish i could have a new brain installed. a brain that functions properly. no mental illness, none of that. i don't like my brain. and sometimes, i just don't like myself. i'm sorry to everyone i disappoint/will disappoint.

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Re: i'm a failure

Hi, I don't really know your situation, but I would like to advice you this; Please start doing your assignment.

I know how you feel, this morning I felt heavy pressure, I hated myself for being this dumb for like 20th time for not doing my assignments on time. But I just started to submit, it was an assignment which should take 18 hours as prescribed by the lecturer, but I did it in 6 and submitted. Sometimes during writing I felt overwhelmed by anxiety and thought I was dead, or never born, and froze for like 30 min thinking especially when it was difficult.

Yes, I'm probably gonna fail it, but I feel good about myself. Just write anything, any nonsense, fulfuil, as long as you submit. I'm telling you, it will feel great at the end

I do still feel like a little bit of a failure, but I believe I can change, though I tried more than 100 times and failed, but I still believe this delusion.

This delusion is the only thing keeping me sane

I don't know if you wanted to hear something like this, but I'm giving you one perspective someone else use out there