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I'm A Guy

I am a man. Who is in love with another man. I know that its 2020 and more people are excepting about LGBTQ+, but I'm really scared about coming out. I am scared of what other people will say and what they will think of me. The person I am in love with is my best friend. I have known him since 2nd grade and we just always hanged out. Now we are in sophomore year and he has a girlfriend. I don't know what to do and I am afraid of what will happen. I don't like changes. I hope this wasn't disturbing and I just want someone to help me feel better about my situation.

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Re: I'm A Guy

I’m the rare very alpha male who will have gay friends. Do NOT tell him you love him. He is straight. Instead love him as a friend.

My gay friends knew to treat me like a man.

As for you being gay or bi that’s fine. You may want to hide it till college. High school kids are dicks.

God will love you either way. He made you the way you are. Don’t let assholes tell you your going to hell. Let me tell you; over eating is a sin; lust; pre marital sex; divorce, & jealousy. If gays go to hell then all of them do too. Every fat person is doomed. Heaven would be a very empty place. Jesus loves you my brother/sister.

God Bless