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I'm a lonely 😭 gal

Are there any guys out there that would message me? I'm lonely tonight. I just want someone to talk to and make new friends. My name is Starcie. I live in Georgia. I'm 38 years old. I'm attractive. Find me on my public facebook page: Starcie Partington: Cartersville Georgia. My profile says where I went to Woodland high school. I have dark hair and hazel eyes. I'm not too skinny but definitely not fat either. I have nice teeth. I'm a nice woman who just wants some companionship. If you want please look me up and send me a message on my Messenger. I don't want to give my number out on here. I don't care if you're an older guy. I like older guys actually. So if you're in your late 50's or 60's, especially message me. I work and I earn my own money. I have my own home and car. Anyways, message me. 💖