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I'm a mess

I don't even know where to start, I cut myself every day because I feel like no one cares, I wonder how long it will be before I can't handle it and kill myself. I also think I'm a lesbian I have fallen in love with a girl that doesn't even know my name and is probably straight. I hate myself and my life

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Re: I'm a mess

You're cared for. ❤ I don't know you, but I feel for you. I understand how that type of lonely, can feel. You have so much potential, in this life. Please don't end it.

If you're lesbian, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many beautiful women, that would be grateful to have you. To heal those wounds. Care for you. Maybe it's the one you've fallen for, maybe it's somebody else.

It's difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but you'll never know how she feels about you, unless you reach out. Introduce yourself, and show her how great you are!

Self love, is so difficult. Coping with life is, too. I'm still learning, too! But just start small. Maybe you do a face mask, one day. Or take a warm bath. Maybe make your favorite meal. Something to you, FOR you. It doesn't have to be huge, to where it drains all your energy. Again, start small. One day, out of the week. Or even one day, out of the month. A little goes a long way.

I'm so sorry, that you're hurting. I really hope things look up for you, beautiful. Stay strong❤ You're in my thoughts.