I'm a nobody

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I feel really uncomfortable around people i don't know because i feel like they will judge me like people what people around me does, i am deeply hurt even at house because my brother always thinks he's jokes are funny but it truly does hurt mo so much and i can't even tell my mom because i know she'll just tell me that I'm so dramatic and sensitive. When i was a child, i never had friends because i was fat and they keep on teasing about me and i had to keep it to myself until when i was grade 6 my friends left me too and i literally had no one but myself and i just feel like a trash because no one wants to be with me and i feel like it's better to be alone. I never trusted anyone anymore even now in high school i still can't tell this things because they'll just tell me that I'm dramatic like what happened the last time i opened up about it they said i was too dramatic and that is why told myself that i would never ever open up again and i'm so scary. Now whenever I'm surrounded with a lot of people I'm trembling, nervous and feel like they will judge me and think of me as a trash and nothing but i want to overcome this. I don't wanna be hurt by my brother's word anymore too but it's just he's never gonna change and no one's gonna fully understand and listen what's going on with me anymore.

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