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Im afraid

I am afraid of my dad. About 5 months ago him and my mom divorced and we ended up going with my mom. In the last 2 months or so my dad has taken more drugs than ever and keeps trying to break into the house "to see us" but I know thats not what he truly wants he has a backpack and ive seen weapons at my old house. I believe its weapons. He has had a bad history with crime that I dont wish to expand on and im afraid he may try to kill us. We have called the police but I am still afraid. Some days i have to spend the night alone and I get these horrible thoughts of him trying to kill me or any of my family members. I cant get it out of my head and I cannot sleep because of it..every noise i hear in the night panicks me.. tonight im alone with my brother and I couldnt be more fearful.

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Re: Im afraid

hey im so sorry your going through this it really sucks and i hope nothing happens, i understand you have trauma and drug abuse is very harmful, i think youve already taken cautions and calling the police was a good thing to do, if it makes you feel better maybe you could take some extra security measures like cameras in your house or extra door locks just stay strong and get through it, i know you can do this!

maybe consider a panic button if you and your family feel threatened. I know that isn't much but I genuinely have no clue what it must feel like to be in your place. I hope everything works out for you and that the police/security can make u feel safe. I'm sorry ur going through this :(.