I'm afraid my mom will get arrested.

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My mother hit my 12 year old brother across the butt yesterday with a belt. She had been asking him to clean his room for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday she said was the last chance or else she would hit him. He had all day to clean and instead he played video games and watched tv. Because of covid he does home schooling. So after 7 hours of school he has pretty much all day to clean his room. He has to see his counselor once a week for 40 minutes. Today I over heard him talking about what happened yesterday with her and he described it like she beat and hit him over and over again. She only hit him once or twice on the butt. I'm afraid that the counselor will call child protective services on my mother because he lied about how hard and how many times she hit him. I'm 18. And I don't think there was anything wrong with the way she disciplined him. There are no bruises, not cuts. He cried a little obviously but then he got over it within a few minutes. I'm really scared they will believe my brother and end up sending my mom to court for no reason.

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