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I'm all alone

So a few months back my boyfriend relapsed and I knew this could happen and I knew the risk I was taking by being with him but my whole family wants me to cast him aside like trash because of it. My whole family has been treating me different since it all happened. I have no one I can talk to or trust. I didn't mean to fall in love with him but now that I am I can't throw him away. Everyone makes mistakes and he's trying to get better and needs the support. Everyone around me wants me to forget him and move on. But like I said I believe he's the love of my life and I can't let him go. Even when I should be angry, I can't stay angry. He's given me a lot in this relationship and no one else sees it or wants to see how much happier I was with him. They just see him as a drug addict and they're pushing me away because I won't leave him. There are many recovered addicts in the world. I just wish they could see things from my point of view. Many hurtful things have been said to me and I'm not allowed to get upset or angry. I just wish I had someone in my corner.