I’m alone

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I just need to talk to someone but none of my friends will understand. I am a 13 yet old girl. I cut myself once and don’t know why and I’ve just been so tried lately, not being able to get up in the mornings and I’ve been so as lately. I was on FaceTime with a few friends just now on Instagram and we decided to go to Houseparty and this girl joined. One of my friends was talking to her and the rest were kinda quiet. She was rude so i asked her to leave. She yelled at me calling me horrible names, I know he doesn’t know me and never met me but this broke me. Ive finally been feeling better I got up this morning and had a really good day till now. This hurt me so much but I convinced my friends I was ok after I left when she yelled at me. They did nothing about it. They still had a conversation with her until a not as close friend joined at yelled at her for me. I’m not ok. I was one week clean. I cut myself again. Don’t get Houseparty