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I'm Bi and going back to school today

I'm a 16 year old girl from an unorthodox Christian home. And I've known I'm Bi for about 3 years. My older sister is also Bi, so I talk to her about it, but I wish I was comfortable enough to tell my friends, after all, the worst thing they could do to me is say "I'll pray for you" and that's not even a bad thing! I just wish I had someone else to talk to about being Bi, without risking being called a devil spawn. . .

I'm not really asking for advice on coming out to my family, I plan on doing that when I'm in collage. Also, they had a lot of gay friends in the 80's and 90's and never had problems, so I think I'll be okay. I just wanted to get some of my feelings of my chest today, it's my first day of school going back to high-school and I'm getting a bit nervous. So wish me luck!

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Re: I'm Bi and going back to school today

Good luck. It’s funny, I’ve never had a gay thought but I fight for gays. As a boy I realized I was so much stronger & faster than all but a few in the world. My whole life athletes & stuff would call me super hero names. So somewhere I decided I was a super human. I started defending everyone who was isolated.

I’d wait till college. But can I warn you? I was this trophy sex dude. Females wanted a turn. I remember wild parties. I remember these bi girls. About 50% seemed that way in college to me. I didn’t care. I remember having sex with one. Other two come in & watch. Soon I’m having sex with the other & two of them are one the bed beside us. It got wild. In hindsight that was wrong. AIDS is bad in the gay community because of that kind of stuff. I’d say that was the only time for me. But word spreads. Best looking dude in school has biggest wanker & can go all night. I realize now I was the campus slut being used for sex. Only I was a dude. Oh well. At least I didn’t get AIDS.

When I finally fell in love & acted like s human instead of s rabbit life got so much better. She changed me. Wish I’d had respect for myself sooner. So straight; gay; bi, respect yourself. You have value. God Bless