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I’m bisexual butttt

Hi. I recently admitted to myself, after years of kind of knowing, that I identify as bisexual. My family isn’t homophobic to the extent of kicking me out or anything, but they don’t support the lgbt community. My cousin, who I am very close to recently confessed to me her pansexuality and gender fluidity. I want to tell her of my bisexuality but I think I’m scared of truly admitting it to myself. I definitely won’t tell my parents. Help me I need someone to talk to.

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Re: I’m bisexual butttt

i'm pansexual and non-binary and i was in the same boat. i came out to some friends who didn't respond the way i wanted and i felt very alone for a long time. i started to come out slowly years later, the first step just adding "she/they" to my twitter profile (that my family and other friends didn't follow). it was really small, but it meant a lot, and i started being more open around my new friends, some of whom were members for the lgbt community. it feels really freeing being honest with other people, it helps you feel honest with yourself. i hope you get that freedom. it's okay to take time getting there.