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I'm checking this out... Hope this is safe.


I was just thinking about a place where you can write and respond to people anonymously and so decided to google it and randomly clicked on this link....

This is CRAZY!!

I love this theme, although I'm concerned about my safety... To write down something personal and then I find out that it was a trap and I've done something that will put me in some kind of danger.

So I'm just testing this out rn.

I've seen this in a few kdramas or were they web drama... Anyways, there they write their worries down and strangers give them advice... It was most probably anonymous.

I have wanted to do something like that from the time I saw it.

Is responding to others or reading others stuff possible here??

If anyone can read this and has read it this far, I am so thankful to u. You have taken your precious time out for me. In return, I hope u have a good day today! And remember, we all have atleast one person who loves us more than we think they do. Just like the ugly duckling we are just unaware of our self-worth.