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im confused

hi. ive been freaking out lately because i keep on daydreaming about my friend (we’re both girls) ever since she told me that shes not straight. however, i am.... the idea of having a romantic relationship with her instead of a platonic one keeps bugging me. does that mean i have a crush on her but im just in denial? or am i just confused about my sexuality at the moment that imagining im with her satisfies that confusion if you know what i mean... thanks in advance

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Re: im confused

I think you may be bicurious and that’s cool, too. Talk it out and see what happens. I find that it is much scarier having these types of conversations in your head. Perhaps an honest conversation with your friend can confirm a few items. And since you are friends, I’m sure she will be comfortable to talk about it with you and be understanding as a friend should be. Be brave, and I wish you the best of luck on this journey in discovering yourself.