I'm Confused and need help

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so me and this guy talked my freshman year of college. We ended pretty abruptly and without any real explanation. After a few months passed we started talking again but as friends. It has always been a little weird because you can tell there are still feelings there on both ends.

Well now it's junior year of college and me and him are really close because my junior class is really small because I go to a private college. He has now had a girlfriend for almost two years but all they do is fight and he is not happy. I recently had to take him to the ER while she was out of town and I didn't know they were "taking a break" until after we left the ER. He explained to me how he just still has all of these feelings for me and hates what he did freshman year because he wasn't patient with me. He has apologized to me about it so many times in the past few days and we are both just so confused because we have all of these unresolved feelings for each other and don't know what to do with them. (everyone can tell there is something between us too). He isn't happy in his relationship, but he feels like he can't end it because she is worried about how long they have been together. I really like her though and we are friends because of him and I really am rooting for them. Im scared because I really want to explore a relationship with him because feelings have been building now for 2 years but neither of us want to hurt anyones feelings or step on anyones toes. But the only connection i have with her is him.