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im confused, sad and angry

hi im a 14 year old girl whose confused and not sure how to feel. So this all started in November last year... so my mum,sister and i often went to my aunt's house when ever her husband went overseas leaving my dad alone for 3-5 days. My mum later found out that when we were not at home her would bring his lover at our house and...uk. This was not his first time cheating on my mum he did this seven years back in 2013 and promised my mum he would not do it again. When my mum found out she asked for a divorce he refused to abd threat to kill himself. For a month or two my mum and him slept in different beds. Then she invited him to sleep with her again which made me angry because he claims he wouldn't cheat on her and that he loves her but he doesnt he will hurt my mum again and me in the process. This really affects me everyday the fact that he cheats on my mum and just manipulates my mum to get his way of things done. My mom always tells me that she not falling for his tricks the only reason shes with him so she can qualify to buy a house in a nice neighbourhood. At first i believed it but not i dont because for they 18th marriage anniversary my posted their wedding pictures and when i asked her why she did she said "because they my pictures" in an angry voice. so basically my dad lives comfortably at home and bosses my mom around. Im scared of being hurt again im scared of my sister being hurt again im scared of my mum being hurt again. i scared of the fact i might not be able to forgive him. im scared...