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Im crazy?

First off, boys, let me get through to your heads for a second. Girls are NOT dolls. Girls are NOT objects. We have feelings and emotions just like you and anyone else you meet. I don't like being sexualized because I have boobs. I am not a hole for you to stick your dick into.

Second, I was called crazy last night. I have a unrealistic crush on a guy and I have been just writing his name non stop on a page in my journal. I love the way it looks when I write it, nothing wrong with that. This boy I have a crush on, we kind of have a FWB relationship. But I don't want that anymore, I want to fully be with him. When I bring it up, he ignores it or says "IDK, I'm not sure" I have known him since 6th grade.

Am I crazy for being obsesed with this man? Am I crazy for not wanting to be a hole?