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I'm cutting and idk what to do

TW self harm. I keep cutting and cutting and it's gotten out of hand. Idk whether I should get help or not bc i wouldnt say Im depressed I just despice myself and cry myself to sleep and cut lol. I dont want my family to know they wouldnt understnad they would treat my differently and think i am a coward or just want attention but the more I cut the harder it's getting to hide. Theyre getting bigger and deeper and my sister almost found out yesterday cos iwas dripping blood in my room and what if they see idk what to do. I'm 16, if I told my skl would they have to tell my parents? They're gonna find out some day and I'm so scared my mum will be so angry at me and my dad would be so dissappointed and my sister would hate me for it idk this just isn't me I wish I could just be happy again I hate myslef so fucking much