I'm depressed

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I feel depressed. Any stranger would say I have a great life for a 14 yo in 2021. Six pack abs, good grades, look kinda handsome. But that is what they see, what's happening is different. I have parents who don't support my dreams and an abusive father. My dream since young is to be great footballer like Ronaldo and Messi. But they think it's a useless career and I should be a doctor, engineer something like that. Football is my dream, my goal. That's just the beginning of my problems . I have nobody to express my feelings. Nobody truly understands me. After primary school they made me go to a high school where I know nobody. I'm in mental pain. And I cant find any body who can help me. I have three siblings(including me).My mother loves only my elder brother and my father only loves my younger brother. Honestly I feel like I rather just die cuz I dont feel living us worth it anymore. I'm only staying alive to achieve my dream of a football player. So don't think if someone looks like they have a good life they actually have a good life.

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