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im disappointed in reitanna

so i've been sitting back watching this drama play out and I just wanna say that im disappointed in reitanna, I miss the old reitanna, the funny, silly, happy one that made me laugh. now she's posting nothing but rants, yelling at anyone who disagrees with her, and not telling her fans off when they do something wrong. I expected better from her, and I feel like she needs to know that people are going to hate you no matter what. your going to have haters online and you need to learn to ignore them. I feel like reitanna is too sensitive for the internet and should take some time away from it. she also really needs to get her fans under control, they constantly try to start something with the haters and yet she does nothing to stop them. its sad, and I want the old reitanna back. but I also want her to grow a thicker skin and stop blaming everything on her mental disorders.