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im disturbed by my step-dad's behaviour.

why won't my step-dad stop smelling my hair, at first I just took it lightly but now it has gone to the point where I am extremely uncomfortable. But my mom also smells my hair from time to time but she doesn't make such.....loud sighs as he does. I've told him before a couple of times if my hair really smells that nice and he keeps insisting that he can't help but smell it...... I want to throw up. Not only have I bad history of father figures in my past (daddy issues, PTSD) and I have before been a bit afraid of being around my step-dad. Last time he smelled my hair (which was today as I am writing this) and it was just the two of us before I went upstairs, he first hugged me like any step-dad would right? And then he just gave in the biggest sniff and let out such a loud sigh (like when you smell a nice candle) and I just kinda went upstairs not saying anything afterwards. Usually, I would lightly laugh or make some light comment about it but this time I just felt like he stepped over the line. It doesn't help that I just watched a video that made me think of what happened today and I felt how my breath started to shorten and how I am shaking so incredibly much as I am typing this. ihatethisihatethisihatethisihatethisihatethisihatethisihatethismakeitstop.