I’m done

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From as far as I can remember, I’ve never been in a healthy environment, I’ve never stayed in a school for longer than two years.My dad switches between girls he brings into our house, my biological mother is a drug addict who’s given me several half siblings and abandoned me when and my father and brother when I was three months old, less abandoned me and chose a handful of pills over getting help and staying with her family.My dad is Bi polar and it was confusing to tell wether or not he cared about me at all, he started leaving me by myself at home when I was seven, he went out to bars and drank a lot he still does, I can’t show my emotions around him because he always has a negative reaction, usually when he sees me he tries to hug me then get away to one of his women as quickly as possible.My brother used to hit me a lot when I was little he doesn’t do it anymore but he’s distanced himself from me almost completely, he usually has something to scream at me about.One of my dads girls lives with us and she’s in over her head, she has anger issues and takes them out on my brother and I, I’m usually the one who gets to experience the blast, she always has a problem with something and can’t get over the littlest of things, she also drinks a lot and goes with my dad to bars.My grades are slipping a lot because of household drama and the fact that my best friend recently committed suicide, and I had a break up with my girlfriend.Everyone seems to have abandoned me, I want to kill myself, I’m so tired of trying to fix my situation only to have it crumble down, I’ve learned not to have hope because to moment I do things will fall, I can’t leave right now because I have no family members or friends I can count on I’m only thirteen I can’t do this anymore I just want to die, I don’t care if I burn in hell, I don’t care if there’s something worse on the other side, there’s nobody here left to stay for, I don’t care if this is selfish I’ve done enough for other people in my life I stayed by father a comforted him every time he cried and did every little thing he asked of me, I’ve helped my former friends with their own issues, I can’t do this though.