im done :(

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everyone always thinks im happy because im always smiling when im around them but behind closed doors i cry all the time , my mom tells me how much she hates me , i have nobody to talk to ,and i just want to die , i rlly want to die but im scared of the after life i dont know wht to do . My dad is in jail so i live with my toxic fucking mom when it comes to her i get so numb i cant talk to her about anything and when i try to talk to her she tells me im a mistake and how much she hates me , not knowing that shes just pushing me away from her and making me want to commit more , im literally crying right now typing this im blurry eyed as shit i want to run away but im not close with none of my family like that o_o i want to run away, anyone of these days could be my last day and nobody would know of care im just so done bro basically i typed this to let you know that your not the only one dealing with stuff like this but dont let go i didnt have nobody to tell me that so im telling it to other people incase your parents dont i <3 u

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