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I’m done

I try everyday to make everybody happy . Telling my family I love them and being there for my friends and my mum seems like she hates me. . Ever since an ambulance came for my sister in the middle of the night it’s like I’m not there anymore . My brother kicks me and spits at me cures at me and it keeps on happening I get bullied at school but I can’t tell anybody .i just cant

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Re: I’m done

You are not alone, I hope you know that. Don't let the mistakes of others keep you from enjoying life, you matter and you are strong. You are a far way from being done, you won't see it today but one day you'll know that you are strong, beautiful and capable of getting through the darkness. It’s really sad to see that some of us fight this battle alone, the fight against ourselves. We cry and we push everything inside, we keep on hurting ourselves just to feel something. And on the bad days, we’d do anything to stop feeling altogether. We believe we are so lonely and so unworthy in our life, that we say that no one would miss us, but I want to take the time today and tell you that you will be missed, that you are worthy of this life you are beautiful, and you are strong. I hope that one day, you’ll stop feeling this way, feeling like you don’t matter.