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I'm done

I cant do this anymore. I cant live with my parents. I cant be constantly walking on eggshells. I talk, they yell at me. I dont talk, they yell at me. I ask a question, they yell at me. I MOVE MY EYEBALLS, they yell at me. Not to mention they constantly make me feel like I'm not good enough and that they don't love me, and then act like theyre the victim. Maybe I should just run away because then they'll be happy without me. They can have the perfect little boy they always wanted. I'm honestly writing my feelings down on website because I dont have anyone to talk too. My mom? The root of my sadness. My dad? He thinks I'm being overdramatic. my grandma? She'll just tell my parents. my uncle? He's no help. my aunt? She'll tell my grandma which will result in my parents knowing. My babushka(russian grandma)? I dont like her. My grandpa? He's clueless.

I feel so trapped, i have no one to talk to. Even reading the articles on this website makes me feel like my feelings are small. My parents always get mad at me when i disrespect myself (say im fat, say I'm ugly, make a self deprecating joke ect) but they fell me stuff like this. It's not fair