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I’m exhausted.

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I’m so sick of my parents refusing to acknowledge the fact that I’m flat out exhausted all the time. It has a lot to do with my depression and the fact that I have to stay after school almost every day and wake up early on the fucking weekends because they make me go to church. I have recently had to wake up early on the weekends for events that I don’t even want to go to half the time. I’m just so freaking tired it’s irratating. I had asked my mom if I could just miss out on church this once because I really wanted and needed sleep desperately and she flat out told me no. That I needed to be at church. No tf I don’t. Everytime we sit down and talk about our relationship problems, there is ABSOLUTLY nothing done to fix it. Sure, they’re nice and act like they care for a few days but then it all goes back to being how it is everyday. I’m just exhausted and feel the need to cry all the time and I cant do anything about it. Mentally and physically, I am exhausted all the time.

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