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I’m failing all my classes in 9th grade...

I’m failing all my classes and I’m only in the 9th grade. I’m not in such a good place. I’ve recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My family treats me different now and I hat that they do. None of my teachers know, and I just feel like I’m disappointing everyone. My parents are having yet another custody battle, and me and 6 of my siblings are in the middle of it. I live with my dad and he used to abuse me. I just wanna see my Mama so much. She would always help me with my work and problems. I just need to be living with her. We’ve got this thing called a GAL, but she doesn’t even do what she’s supposed to do. I wanna be living with my mom, it was so much better with her. I wanna see my little brothers and sister so badly, but my dad keeps us away from them. I haven’t spent the night at my moms house in over 2 years. I struggle just to get out of bed due to lack of motivation. Why can’t my dad just let us see her? He acts like he hates us. He’s so bad to our stepbrother, and he and my stepmom are fighting a lot. I don’t know if I should email my teachers and tell them what’s happening so that they can help me more with my schoolwork. Any ideas?