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I'm fed up

I think I'm being stalked and i can't tell my parents. So i don't know how to start but a guy i thought i had a crush on is stalking me. He literally called me everyday and i used to block it but i has been 2 years now and i got a call from unknown no. Today and i have a gut feeling it was him also i can't tell anyone about it because I'll get in trouble for giving out my no. To a guy. It's literally so tiring he used to threaten me with his life to force me in being in a relationship with him but i didn't. I even commited suicide but was stopped by somebody. I have depression and anxiety. I had it for a long time and when i told him to stop as its getting worse he just laughed at me and said that I'm joking about having a depression and i am ruining his lif e . He literally wanted to get married to me i was only 17 yrs at that time. When i refused he asked his cousin to force me and i got a panic attack because she forced me to go to a room with her and locked it. Then again i never knew my bff was siding with them. They even spread roomers about me. Now i don't know what to do as 2 yrs passed I'm still scared of seeing him anywhere. I cut all my contacts with my friends and delete my social media accounts. But I'm still scared. My anxiety is getting worse. Sometimes i just wanted to end my life. I don't even want to study anymore. Besides my parents are forcing me to study but i really can't. I just want everything to stop. It's my fault i never used to give any guy but i just did it this time..... I really am sorry if i ever hurt you but please leave me alone..... I'm so paranoid that even if i get a call from unknown number i get panick attacks and i don't know how to stop...... Well i would be nice if i died..... Lif has lost all its meaning for me. I have to start college soon but i don't know if i could. I literally explained to him that i don't love him but he is still asking for a reason as why i am not being in a relationship with him. I have no idea how he gets my information.... But i can't change this no. I have no reason to tell my parents. I have become such a person if i here somebody calling my name and i don't know them i probably would get a heart attack..... Besides there is nobody to understand.

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Re: I'm fed up

If it's really bothering you that much ad it's become a huge threat already i think it's preferrable to inform your parents or if you're not comfortable with them, someone you can completely trust with. At least so someone can watch over you or someone knows. The better option is to your parents so they can bring this case to police or something. I get that it is scary but it will be alright ok? If it makes you calmer to inform them pls do and about college, at least you are going to another place so that will be a distraction. it'll all be right. i hope that asshole fucks off and stop bothering you anymore.