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I'm feeling really REALLY lonely

I don't know what changed or who changed but like... I just feel more alone when I am with my friends than I am with complete strangers. these day, I feel like my heart is constantly breaking apart and I feel so SOOO LONELY and just sad. I don't feel liek doing anything and I just want to sleep all the time :(( I came here because I don't have anyone to talk to and I feel so suffocated.

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Re: I'm feeling really REALLY lonely

I guess you are not alone. Sometimes, actually more of the times I tend to pretend to be happy around people so they won't ask me like they really care.

Being sad and lonely fits my life right now. We can talk freely to stranger as they understand as more. They can only judge what you can let them see and hear about you. I'm tired of living with all the people around me.