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I'm gay

I told my parents I'm bisexual and they didn't seem to understand. I lied to them because I'm actually a lesbian. I'm not allowed a pride flag because my dad doesn't believe in it. My best friend is also gay but is dating a male. I don't know what to do. I want to end my life because no one understands. I can't ell anyone at school because they will make fun of me. I'm 13 so my mum says its just a stage and I don't know what to do.

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Re: I'm gay

I totally understand and feel what ur going thru. I’m lesbian and I’m 17, still in the closet (again). I came out to my family when I was 16. It took a lot of courage and I cried for like an hour before telling them, “I like girls...” My mom said I was confused cuz I’ve never even been in a relationship. Ever since then, ig they all think I was confused or sum but we never talk about it n they joke about me being with boys ALL THE TIME. I also have a boy gay best friend and he’s the only reason I’m not going insane. He knows what ur going thru and u have to talk to him about it, get it off ur chest. If u trust each other than it’ll just be between u guys until ur ready for ppl to know. Sum of my friends know and it’s good to have ppl I can talk too. Ik that eventually I’ll be out to everybody and live life for my happiness and not others, ur time will come too.

hey, i was 14 when my parents got my journal,they made me come out just to judge me i also told them i was bi when im actually lesbian

im not in the closet but they wont let me express my self

trust me i get the feeling but listen you are NOT alone im here and i get you if i can help,if you wanna talk just reply ok? if you want im okay about telling you my tumblr account

you are not alone