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I'm gay and in love with my brother

I'm a 17 year old male and my brother is 19.

I don't even know where to start..I've always felt some kind of attraction towards him, i started noticing when i was really young. He always made me sleep with him in one bed when i was 13, that's when i started noticing that i like guys, my brother found out that i'm gay when i accidentally left gay pornography on my computer, it was extremely embarrassing but he said he was also into guys. So we started sleeping in the same bed all the time. My mom notcied shortly after and we stopped it. She thought nothing of it. Everything was normal for a long time but then i started getting jealous whenever he was with girls or didn't pay attention to me. I told him about it when we were preparing to go to bed and he made me give him a blowjob in our bathroom. I still remember how he tastes and how much i loved it. I never felt the same way towards anyone. I tried dating guys and girls and even guys who looked like or acted like my brother but nothing was ever the same. I just wanted him to destroy me. When he went to college he moved to another town and started visiting us a few times in a month. When he visited and i was the only one home we had sex. Right now he is living with us all the time because of corona and i don't know what to do, i know that it's wrong but i just can't control myself. I've tried telling him to stop because it's not normal but he doesn't want to stop, i'm scared that we will get caught some day and i will get kicked out. Please, please give me advice, i don't know what to do.

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Re: I'm gay and in love with my brother

Umm i think you should open up and tell your parents about yourself . and i think your brother is using you.. because he isn't gay as you said he is good with girls..maybe he is bisexual but not a gay for sure..so you should seek help or talk with your brother to stop everything.

Please don't get mad after reading this..i know you love your brother but i kinda felt bad reading your side

Thank you for your advice, i know that my brother is using me, he has a girlfriend but they can't see each other because of corona. He also told me himself that he is using me as a toy and he always called me a whore when we had sex. He also makes me have sex eith him when i don't want to. I still have feelings for him despite him being an awful person, that's why i asked for help here. I'm not in a safe place to talk to my parents, my mom even told me that if i was gay she would kick me out immediately and i don't have a stable relationship with my dad. If they kick me out i have no place to go, my country doesn't support the LGBT community so i can't ask for help here. I don't know what to do i'm so lost