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I'm Getting Sick and Tired Of This Bad Bitch

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I'm getting sick and tired of this bad bitch Lizz! Are we allowed to use names here? Anyway I saw here again at the same place we were both at before. She's the only one that's been there with me twice. I want her to be my girlfriend but if I'm going to be just friends with her or just friends with her first that will be fine! When it comes to romatic relationships I prefer women in their 20's and she's 23. I'm 51 so she thinks I'm too old for her. Some women in their 20's wouldn't mind having a relationship with a older man that's my age. I guess Lizz isn't one of them.

She has a lot going for her. She has a lot of good qualities. She's pretty,has a sense of humor (sometimes rauncy like mine),and wants to help people. She's one of the prettiest women that I have seen in my life and also the sexiest. I don't know if she realizes this is what I think about her. She is a one of a kind person.

She also told me she's non-binary. That's O.K. I have no problem with that. I'm not racist against anybody. I'm a ally of the LGBTQ+ coummunity or whatever variant of this acononymin pepole use these days. I just discovered a couple of days ago that I am a pomosexual.

Now I want everybody here to understand what that word means Pomosexual means your sexual preference or idendity doesn't fit in with any other sexual word. I've always been straight a hethersexual. I only want to have sex with women and that hasn't changed now but I also wouldn't mind having sex with a woman that's non-binary. Like Lizz. Since there isn't a word to describe a person that likes to have sex with cis-gender women and women that are non-binary yet that makes me a pomosexual. Being pomosexual also means you reject all sexual labels of people and I do. If somebody want's to identify with a sexual label that's fine with me! However sexual labels alone shouldn't never discribe people. I think that's racist!

She gave me her number which was wrong which always happens with me when it comes to women and she also said she will text me that monday and she didn't. So I think she rejected me. Maybe she's at Dominion Hospital again and she will get into touch with me when she discharges. IDK

I also made up a song list for her on Spotify called "Songs That I Dedicate to Lizz" If you have Spotify check it out. Whenever or not she hears it or gets in touch with me about it in the near future IDK. I doubt it but this is still a good way I think to show how you feel about someone. I've felt better after I listened to it too.

I've always had problems when it comes to finding women and romatic relationships. I recently tried dating sites but I've become frustrated with them. Just about all the responses that I have received are scams. I've become very fustrated recently but I'm O.K, right now because I was just on the phone with a couple of friends (they are men) and I'm looking forward to a outing with them this weekend.