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Im getting tired of rolling through life

I believe my cat is going to pass away, she hasn't been eating, drinking, or even using th bathroom for the past two days, she has diabetes so it shortens her lifespan. I can't help but feel helpless and powerless all the time but this is the cherry on top. When i feel powerless, i act out, i hurt people emotionally without even realising it, to those I've hurt because i can't hold myself accountable,

Im sorry, im so very very sorry.

But I'm getting tired of rolling through life, i feel like rolling girl, yes, just like the vocaloid song. But, I'm so tired, so very, very tired, im so sorry.

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2 months ago

Re: Im getting tired of rolling through life

I'm so sorry about your cat. I lost a cat in a similar way, due to a tumor in her intestine. You may wanna get your cat checked for that. And, let me say one part about rolling girl(good song choice btw) - you gotta try to keep rolling until you can't anymore. It hard, but you're still surviving. And you have the power to get what you need to stop it. Hope everything gets better for you