I'm giving up, sorry

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Ive spent the full 40 years of my life trying to help people. I have gone out of my way to make peoples lives easier. I drop what I'm doing at my own expense to help make everyone happy. I had alot of empathy and love always. Been the person who can be vented to. I've given my time, love and money to make sure everyone around me is always ok. I can't do this anymore. I'm tired, in constant pain with health issues and now depression for too long. As one problem is beginning to fade, another springs up and takes that little bit more of me. It feels like a perfectly timed succession of health issues and problems are lined up in the background waiting to take their piece out of me. I've lost all motivation to get up or eat or speak. I see social media and the news and all i see is a species that takes, takes and takes a bit more. I cant support myself right now, and i dont want to anymore. I thought that one day, if i struggle, my friends or loved ones would offer support or just listen or just be there. I'm ignored, ive nothing to give. I believed in karma and goodwill my help me one day if i ever needed it. I wanted help but i really feel now that i am past that point. I've lost the love of life, life is tormenting me. Since being a child i always wanted to see the world and help people build a better life for themselves. Now i know its all been a waste. No-one really cares one little bit. Goodbye

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