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im going to do it

i already know how my life is going to end. I already know it. i have a lot of amazing friends and my family is supportive enough, but this burdening feeling of not being good enough and not being what my family and friends need is weighing down on me.

ive planned out the date and everything. how im going to do it. where and what ill leave behind. i just needed a place to say this without causing any disruptions, so im announcing it here.

im so tired of life. my friends tell me that they'll be disappointed in me and i understand that, but i just want someone to tell me that its okay. i want someone to tell me that theyll still love me, even after i take my own life.

i hate it here.

goodbye world. you treated me well for a few years, and then you completely fucked my shit up.

so...fuck you.

and lowkey fuck 2020.

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4 months ago

Re: im going to do it

Hi ik you dont know me but my name is Brooklynn

i dont know what your going threw or what have been threw but please dont do it it will scar your friends for life they will never forget that ever and your family will have to remeber your birthday as a sad thing and go to your grave to tell you that they love you and never hear you say it back if you need someone to talk to just talk to me please ill give you my insta and we can talk but please dont take your life