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I'm going to kill myself

So I am on Universal credit and they have now cut my money again for the fourth month in a row. I can't pay my rent again. My landlord started proceedings last month and I have a week to either come up with the money or find somewhere else to live. I have tried everything and this is my last option. I really have no where to turn, my parents both passed a few years ago and I don't have any friends.

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Re: I'm going to kill myself

I don't know where you are from, but are there any social services you could use? Welfare? Social security?

If not, how about going to a homeless shelter for a while? Or working for food and shelter, for example at a farm or that sort? You can also try WWOOF somewhere outside od your country, if you'd manage to scrape enough money for a one way ticket.

Killing yourself isn't the only option. Understandably it is tempting and I've been there before, but being alive is a very unique opportunity. If the basic means of living it isn't working out for you, perhaps try some alternative ways of making it? When you've lost everything and have nothing to lose, it's worth a shot trying something new without fear.

Best of luck to you, nonetheless whichever path you choose. There is a stranger thinking about you.