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i’m going to kill myself

i’m just a stupid spoiled little brat who only wants attention and likes to lie. i deserve to fucking die because my dad said i make him and my mom fight. i deserve to die because i opened so many cps cases, my brother was almost taken away, and i said the n word once.y dad choked me once, and i waish i had fucking died because i’m such a goddamn waste of a human being and i deserve my body to be hung 5 feet off the ground. i’m going to die it tonite in 5-6 hours. i’m sorry. i’m going to end it. no one and nothing will save me this time. this is my final entry ever.

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Re: i’m going to kill myself

Wait please hear me out. I don't know if words is what you want to hear right now but please if you need someone to talk to then please talk to me! You are not a waste! You don't deserve to die! Your parents fighting is not your fault. Trust me I've been there and my mom always whines to me about how it's my fault that my dad fights with her. So what if you said the n-word! I know it's bad but at least you've acknowledged that! Trust me no human is completely bad or completely good. Me for example! I'm out here telling others to live when I myself wished I were dead yet I'm here trying to get you to stay. But please reply. Talk to me please!