I’m going to kill myself

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I think I am going to kill myself . I don’t know when . I don’t know where . I don’t know how . Yet . All I know is that I want to die and that I’m going to end it . No I don’t care about how sad people are going to be when I die . Because there isn’t many that will . No I won’t have a funeral. I don’t want people to mourn my death . I just want to be burnt and have my Ashes thrown off a cliff . I was depressed for a long time . But I’m not anymore . I just want life to be over . I really don’t see a point. I haven’t felt like telling anyone because I don’t want anyone to worry but I needed to get it off my mind so here I am . I hope no one misses me or thinks about me . I just want to be gone dead that’s it lights out . I think im a bad person for not caring about how people are going to feel but that’s just how much I don’t care anymore. My brains too fucked from caring . And the alcohol. I’m only 14 . And I feel like I’ve been on this earth too long.

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