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I'm gonna cut my hair and go to a hair salon tomorrow or the next day, but only one person can go in and i really need my sister beside me, i have a bad anxiety and i would stutter when talking to strangers. Please help me out : ((

I really want to cut my hair so badlyyyy. I'm a girl, but i really like those korean boy's hairstyles especially with mullets. I've now convinced myself to cut it. I'm probably going to a hair salon tomorrow or another day, they're now opened but they said only one person can go in but i really want my sister to join me there because i really have a bad anxiety, stuttering and pronouncing the wrong words when i try to talk to other people, that's why i always have someone beside me whenever ordering or such. I don't know what to do if that day comes. Please can just someone motivate me or like cheer me up? even if it's short it would really mean much to me🥺

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4 months ago

You Can Do It!!

If you have problems stuttering when nervous take pictures of the style you want so you can show them exactly what you're looking for. You can do it! Its going to look amazing! Then meet up with your sister afterwards for coffee and show off your new hair style! You can do it!!! Dont ever doubt yourself! You cant live life depending on others to get what you want done! :)