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Im having sex for the first time

Its gonna be my first ever.

i still have a week.

Im a girl.

So please drop your comments below about stuff to know before and i have sex and if you have had sex how was it? Painful or pleasurable...etc.



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Re: Im having sex for the first time


Like seriously, no matter what he says, make him wear protection.

I don't know you, him or the relationship you have, but I cannot stress this enough.

A condom alone can prevent a whole lot of bad stuff. It prevents your from getting pregnant, which is not inherently bad of course, but unwanted pregnancy can be quite the life-wrecker. It also protects both of you from STI's such as AIDS. You do not have to had sex before to have an STI sometimes, so always be careful. Maybe you both could get tested beforehand, I think it's free to get tested for STI's in some clinics, but you'll have to look into it yourself.

Second of all: If you feel like you don't want to continue, no matter whether its before or during, communicate that. Dare to say 'no'. If you want to stop, then make him stop. You are in no way obligated to continue having sex if you do not want to. You can also temporarily stop or just sit down for a while and talk about what might sit wrong with you, then afterwards you could maybe try again.

Third: USE LUBE. Also cannot stress this enough. Use lube. It's for every woman different, but for me at least my vagina is usually not wet enough to accept penetration comfortably. The wetness of your vagina also does not have anything to do with if you are horny or not. It's true that the vagina can get wetter when you want to have sex, but this does not always happen. You can be horny but not wet at all at the same time. So, use lube, always. It's just a way easier and better experience.

Fourth: The whole cliche of losing your virginity will always hurt and that thing about that you always bleed the first time because the penis will penetrate the hymen, is not true. This only happens with some women. For some it will hurt a bit, for some it won't hurt at all. Some will bleed a little and some will not bleed at all. Everyone is different with this. All I can tell you is that if it hurts, make him take it slow and if that doesn't work, STOP. Sex should ALWAYS be pleasurable, not painful (unless you are into that kind of thing of course).

Fifth: Try to find what works for both of you. Just inserting a penis in your vagina and moving it in and out is often not enough for women to make it pleasurable, because the good spots usually don't get hit doing that. For guys it does because the tip of their penis is the sensitive area and that gets touched everywhere when going into the vagina. For most women the best spots are the clitoris and a certain spot that's inside the vagina, but hard to hit while having penetrative sex. I'd recommend playing with yourself for a bit and see what you find pleasurable. I for example found out that I get a lot of pleasure from stimulating my clitoris. So experiment a little with yourself. Put your hands down there and explore yourself. Search for the spots that make you feel good, for me the feeling is kind of a warm and tingly feeling.

Once you find what works for you and use it well, I'm sure you'll get an orgasm and I tell you, orgasms feel great! Well they do for me at least, everyone is different of course. What feels great for me might not feel great for you.

There are also many great sex education videos on youtube that can help you. I recommend watching some of Ellbat's sex ed videos and the channel Sexplanations for example. I'm sure you could also find a bit of info on the channel Watts The Safeword, its a channel mostly dedicated to gay (men) and kinks/fetishes, but its really entertaining and educational! They also often link to other sex educational channels and videos that might comply to you as well.

That's all I can think of right now, so I hope I've helped you, even just a little <3

Have a good first time my anonymous friend!

Number one rule before s*x:

If you're below 18,