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I'm hurt

I fell in love with a 32 year old guy, I'm 17.

I wasn't sure if he felt the same way but we talked everyday. I know he was sexually attracted to me and I to him but I genuinely liked him. He came to fetch me ons afternoon and asked if I could give him a blowjob. I was nervous, I'm new to these kinds of things. I did it and he told me how great and amazing I was. He dropped me off at home and we did talk for 2 days. Then he messaged me and asked if I was home alone and I said no. I told him that I felt used by him and he said that if I feel that way we should stop talking and only talk when I don't think like that anymore. I miss him so much and I can't help it. I hate how he just dosen't care. I hate this feeling.

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Re: I'm hurt

It does appear, on the surface anyway, that He did use you for this sexual "favor". Nothing wrong with oral sex,but lets back up here, I think you MEANT to say in one of your statements "We DIDNT talk for 2 days".Right?...Yeah,now there could be a legitiment reason for that but I think you would told us if ya knew??? Him asking if you were home "alone" was likely to get a repeat performance. Guys, ( Ive done it too..LOL) will often say HEY! I gotsa BAD case of "blueballs" here and YOU gotta do "something" about it or we cant be close.BUT, when I did it, it was a "shared " exp. with love (I know ..sounds corny But...LOL).Anyway, It was different than what your describing. He knows, by you guys talkin everyday that your quite attached to him, which does give him the upperhand to give ultimatums,control your emotions by dictating how its gonna be (my way or the highway). He wants you to feel like He can go out and find another girl who will perform for is attn and that YOU need to change YOUR WAY of lookin at this. THATS, being a BULLY, I mean were dealing with a young heart here thats hurting, feeling a legitimate feeling of being USED, and this ASSHAT wont talk it out with ya? give ya somekind of reassurance that He loves you for what you did and what you ARE to Him? Knowing your young and inexperienced, I woulda done everything under the sun to make sure your feelings about this were validated.Yeah, not talkin for 2 days , then the 1st thing He asks " are ya home alone?...Not good..You cant stop his "not" caring no more than you can MAKE him care. I know your gonna miss the attn He gave you, but readin tween the lines here, stick to your gut feeling about this and let him NOT CARE... Sounds like he DIDNT care, at least for your feelings,opinions, convictions, all along.The pain will pass...Hope you find a young man , who ya have things in common with, who makes you feel wanted and special to when this favor "thang" comes up again...LOL It will be a mutually shared exp and feeling used will be the furthest thing from your mind....