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I’m in love with a sex offender

I recently found out my boyfriend of 5 months had a secret instagram account where he pretended to be 14 to message girls age 12-15 sexual images. I told my parents because he was staying with us and he got arrested but since then I have been absolutely devastated and heartbroken because I loved him.

We weren’t supposed to have contact because technically I’m the ‘witness’ and so if he contacts me he could get in trouble for ‘witness intimidation’ but recently his friend gave me his number so we were able to chat and now weeks later we are talking like we are still together and I know what he did was wrong but I love him and I truly believe he loves me and we have to wait for the court to decide what happens but I want to be with him but I know my family would disapprove and would hate me for basically accepting what he did which I don’t because it was wrong but he knows he needs help and is willing to get that and whatever punishment he is given.

My family don’t know we are in contact so we plan to meet in secret when we go back to uni. My best friend knows about the contact but wants me to stop and says she would not let me be with him if I chose to be after what he did to me and those other girls too. I know she is looking out for me and I do know I deserve better but I love him and I know after this he will be better and never do a thing like that again.

What do I do??? Do I cut him out of my life completely or do I stay with him and eventually in the future tell my family?

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Re: I’m in love with a sex offender

Please help

i don’t jnow what to do and I don’t want to upset anyone or lose anyone but I’m feeling so sad and I have horrible thoughts about killing myself to spare all the drama and everything that has gone wrong in my life

I don’t think you’re insane. I think you’re like 90% of the women I meet. And I’m a woman and I’m saying this, but seriously you bitches need to figure out what the fuck it is you want in life.

Obviously you have nothing to bother you, your life is totally set and you have no worries for the future. Otherwise, why the fuck would you waste your time and a man who likes to think about children? The man is seriously fucked in the head and you want him in your life. You clearly have some deep self-esteem issues and you have zero self-worth. I really don’t give a shit about you but I just want to see this because you are not special.

Women like you who don’t have any self-respect are a dime a dozen. You need to get your head checked. Stop crying on the Internet that your love of your life left you.

Get a purpose in life: help someone who needs it and stop thinking about yourself. That’s l why you’re so depressed - you are a self-centred person with zero self worth.

Get your priorities and morals in check.If your "love"wants to face the repercussions of his actions he was aware of to underage girls who became victims because of him,let him.No one cares about how much u love him,because the bigger picture is obvious.He did something really fucked up.And you should understand why you face critism if you continue supporting this offender.

This is all serious and genuine advice from a different perspective thats unclouded from personal feelings.

Stop contacting him.Try to move on and support those who need it(like the underaged girls)

I am very embarrassed to say this but my mother is going through a similar situation. She is in love with a man who threatened my younger 17 year old brother to literally stab him. This man has shot and hammed in my mothers car after an argument, she has stabbed him and my little brother had to clean up all the blood while she chased after him, BEGGING him to come back. It is so crazy you hear stories like this online but this is my own blood. She is crazy... and it would be best if they had never met, let alone stay together.

What I am saying is... your ex is a pedophile. If you continue on your path, in your eyes, mind and heart you may see nothing wrong just stuck in love, but he belongs to the streets, he actually belongs in prison. If you continue to see him, there will never be going back. You will crave him and similar guys like him. You deserve the very best. You don't miss him, you miss the feelings he gave you. You may take this information how you see it, but my general advice is to stay away before it is too late and before you get hurt again. This may cost you your family and you must obey what the court says, otherwise you will be sucked into the system of crime. No doubt hon, please choose wisely and be safe!