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Im in love with an actress.. help?

So every since sex education came out, I have been obsessed with it. Especially Maeve Wiley. I’ve read everything on the internet to figure out what to do but I don’t feel like anyone understands... it literally hurts in my chest every time I think of her.. I can stop thinking about how she smiles in the series, or the way she talks, moves, looks.. the worst thing is, I have a girlfriend.. and I feel much more for Maeve Wiley than my own girlfriend, even though she’s a fictional character... if anyone has the same problem or something, answer me?

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Re: Im in love with an actress.. help?

I had a similar experience before with a Korean Actor. You have to understand that what you are feeling is a strong infatuation from a fictional character. Maeve Wiley is just a character created by the actress who plays her. The actress is different from the character portrayed in the series. She basically does not exist. I was able to get over mine when I stopped watching the series and avoid anything related to him. Out of sight, out of mind.