I'm in need of help right now (finding adults from usa)

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I'm finding someone or group of people that can help me im from the united states of america countryside

if anyone wants to help me dealing with my situation you have to be adults 18+ will do

I'm dealing with very controlling abusive family members that scolds at everything i do cause I'm male i gets treated differently

they treats me roughly pushing my back screaming at me nonstops demanding to do this and that dangerous tasks that can hurt me like getting out the car to taking out the trash and guys are there and these abusers expect me to defend myself cause im this gender they tells me to push the heavy store chart they dont care if i get hurt they think i dont have feeling and when i cry they constantly say shut up shut up and these evil sibling helps them saying shut up stop disrespecting and they forces my clothes off not allowing me to wear undergarments thinking its ok for me not to wear any they uses my tuition money knowing i cant do anything cause they'll say im not helping pay for groceries and etc they never let me buy or get anything from the store they already working the companies like hotel or amazon they know i have to depend on them to buy me anything even when it christmas they give me anything but boring work stuff and anything they bought they takes those items away i dont own a vehicle to escape the house nor money for a taxi i tried emailing the shelters but they dont reply back so im stuck asking people online whos trusting to help me by driving here to get me out when im ready to leave im also afraid the abusers will attack me if i involve the authorities and if they fail to help by leaving the scene saying those "stay away from each other" words and im afraid the authorities will hurt me as well cause they dealt with that protest thing

shelters not answering:
gmail can text also