I'm in USA Virginia Coming off Pocahontas trail

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I'm male from Virginia state in USA

I need help cause I'm being abused, neglected, assaulted and financial exploited

These four people i live with ScoldsHitsForces my clothes off Uses my moneyand 

Taking away destroying my belongings

They don't allow me to wear undergarments

They don't allow me to get important things

I can't trust authorities they kills people like (george floyd)

The shelters don't take me in (i emailed them)

they go to Richmond in Virginia

two of these abusers work for amazon soon walmart constantly wears black clothes, wigs, glasses, and pretends to act innocent in public

two elders does the same as the other abusers they mistreats me roughly, improperly, and anyhow on purpose

(they dont allow me to wear undergarments they broken it)



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